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Pest Control Perth Quote is efficient, fast and terrific! Our mobile vans service all suburbs of Perth. We specialise in pest control services for residential, commercial and retail property.

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Pest Control Perth

[vc_empty_space height=”5px”]pest-control-bedbugsCall Pest Control Perth Quote for best pest control prices in Perth.


[vc_empty_space height=”10px”]pest-control-termiteBuying or selling a home? Call us for your needed termite inspection.


[vc_empty_space height=”10px”]pest-control-ratsWe cater to cafes, kitchens, restaurants, offices and commercial establishments.

Creepy Crawlies

[vc_empty_space height=”10px”]pest-control-spiders1Spiders, ants, termites, rodents or any creepy crawlies – we got you covered!
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residential pest controlPest Control Perth Quote, your neighbourhood service provider, is only a phone call away. Our team is made up of licensed, tested and highly skilled professionals who are at your beck and call in every suburb around Perth.

Pest Control Perth Quote has been providing quality services in the Perth area for over 2 decades. Therefore, when it comes to experience in tackling any size or type of pest and vermin problem, we’ve got it!

As proof of our professionalism, Pest Control Perth Quote has since 2008, consistently renewed the Pest Control Perth accreditation of Trades Monitor – the leading contractor accreditation organisation in Australia. We are committed to ensuring that the renewal of this accreditation is sustained annually.

At Pest Control Perth Quote, our client list is diverse and includes property buyers and sellers, residential and commercial property managers, strata managers, strata companies, landlords with multiple properties, residential investors, government and real estate sales representatives.

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Kid Safe, Pet Safe

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As certified and accredited professionals with over 20 years experience and counting, our Pest Control Perth Quote experts are well equipped to provide safe pest control services that will provide protection for your adorable ones whilst eradicating unwanted pests.

Our range of safe pest control options is varied- from eco friendly and toxic free treatments, to electronic and ultrasonic solutions.

Should you have concerns about the safety and well-being of your kids or pets, please feel free to ask. We’ll be glad to explain what we do and design a plan that’s just right for you.

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Pest and Building Inspection

[vc_empty_space height=”15px”]termite treatment perthFor expert and thorough pest inspections, contact the best pest control Perth people at Pest Control Perth Quote to evaluate the extent of infestation and stop pests from causing you more discomfort and damage. Trust only the best pest control service in Perth to inspect your home for any and all forms of pest infestation.

When fleas, cockroaches or rodents get a little out of hand, a comprehensive interior treatment of your home may become necessary. The process of treating the interior of your home and subsequent airing out of the chemicals, can take several hours, it may therefore be a good idea to plan your outdoor activities around this period.

kid safe pest safe pest controlFor cockroaches, kitchen cabinets and food pantry/storage areas should be emptied before pest control perth cockroach treatment. Also, pets should be kept away from the home during interior pest treatment. Call Pest Control Perth Quote to schedule an interior pest treatment, contact our best pest control Perth team on (08) 7099 0527.

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Pest Control for Business

[vc_empty_space height=”15px”]building inspectionPest infestation of any kind is bad for business. Our commercial pest control services are designed to ensure that your customers and employees enjoy a safe, comfortable and pest-free environment at all times.

If termites, insects, mice or rats have become a nuisance, let the best pest control team take care of the problem for you. Our pest control experts have extensive experience in undertaking any type of pest control on commercial buildings whether big and small.

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Termite Inspection and Treatment

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Termites can cause significant damage to your home, furniture and other household assets. If allowed to grow unabated, termite colonies can nibble through vital areas of your home’s support structure and damage the foundation. Due to their construction materials, some properties are more susceptible to termite infestation and would require more frequent inspection than others.

Pest Control Perth Quote offers existing customers between 6 months to 1 year free spot termite treatment. What this means is that if a termite infestation occurs within this period, experts at Pest Control Perth Quote will spray previously treated spots at no additional cost to you.

The Pest Control Perth team will use a variety of methods for initial termite treatment and will employ various preventative measures to keep the problem from recurring.

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Termite Control and Protection

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Termite Control

pest control logoTermites also referred to as ‘white ants’ are attracted to any and all forms of lumber. Prior to receiving a termite treatment, consider removing any excess lumber or construction material from within and around the home. Limiting termites’ access to easy food will make your property less attractive to them.

Termites are also drawn to sources of water, so check for any or potential plumbing leaks and for stagnant pools of water in, around or under the home that could provide sustenance to the termite colony.

Termite Protection

For homes undergoing construction, Pest Control Perth Quote may use both physical and chemical barriers to help ensure termites stay away after your home when it is completed. Physical barriers your builder can use to protect against termites come in the form of concrete, metal or other non-edible pest control termite building materials. These can be fitted into your home’s foundation, support structure and interior walls.

termite protectionPest Control Perth Quote will be able to easily install physical barriers like chemical-impregnated plastic sheeting to discourage termites from accessing key areas in your home.

Also, chemical barriers, may be used by pest control Perth professionals after your home has been built. By treating the soil surrounding your home, it’s possible to create a repellant kind of moat that will prevent termites from coming near your home.

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Pests and Vermin in Perth

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Bed Bug Control

bed bug controlBed bugs are extremely difficult to spot if you don’t know how to find them. These insects are so tiny that there are only a few ways for a home owner to notice a bed bug infestation. Pest Control Perth Quote’s Bed Bug Control Team can and will eradicate these bugs so that you can sleep soundly and safely in your bed.

Rodent and Rat Control

rat control perthLike any other infestation, rodent control problems will get progressively worse if left unresolved. You don’t have to put up with rodents scratching around in the cavities of your home throughout the night. Let the pest control Perth professionals at Pest Control Perth Quote take care of the problem for you.

Flies and Fleas Control

flies control perthIf you are contending with a fly or flea issue it is advisable to get a proper professional assessment to ascertain what species you are dealing. That way, you can be advised on the best control measure to adopt to get rid of the flies and fleas and to provide protection for the future.

Cockroach Control

cockroach control perthCockroach populations can rise so quickly and dramatically as to easily overwhelm a property owner. Many species are highly adaptable and can thrive in almost any environment. Professional help is therefore a must in curtailing the spread of cockroaches. Call us at Pest Control Perth Quote and we will swiftly get rid of your cockroach problems.

Bee and Wasp Control

bee control perthPest Control Perth Quote can get rid of your wasps or bee infestation quickly and safely whether the hive is in your home, garden, shed or business environment. Our bee and wasp control experts have special protective gear to keep safe during chemical treatment of the wasp nest. All gear is customized to ensure effective control of the wasp nest, depending on location.



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